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Electric Bike Class or Type Breakdown

Covid caused many people to seek a healthier lifestyle, and a large group began using electric bikes. There’s a good reason electric bikes, or ebikes, have become more popular lately. You can still use it as you would a traditional bicycle, however you don’t need to be in perfect shape to ride this type of two - wheeler. If you’re just looking to buy an electric bike for the first time the amount of manufacturers, brands, and types can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of different companies producing electric bikes. Although colors are the least important factor in buying an ebike you still need to consider a variety of specs (specifications) and styles. The guides we will be posting will help walk you through the process. Consider these your go to electronic bikes buying guides. 

What Is an Electric Bike and What Are the Main Types of eBikes?

So what is an electric bike? An ebike is basically a bike with an integrated electronic control system, electric motor, and a battery (or a dual battery like the Bikonit Warthog HD).What all these components do is work together to help make the cyclists pedling easier - if desired in more challenging terrain. The electronic components help with determining how much power should be provided. They, in their electronic way, consider the speed and force of the peddling. Once the inner computer figures this out, it puts out power. This is why a durable battery and sensor control are important. 

e bike throttle class 2

Having covered that, let’s find out what type of eBikes there are! There are three type of eBikes, each of which we will quickly go over. The types are also considered eBike classes. The first is a Type 1 eBike. This type of eBike has a pedal assist. What this means is when you are using your eBike, you have to be pedaling to have the motor kick in. Once it realizes you are pedaling, the motor does what the name says, it assists in your pedaling. This type of eBike does not necessarily come with a throttle which is something you need to look into, if you want throttle on your electric bike that is.  There is also no age restriction to using this class/type of eBike.

Let’s take a peak at the next class, Type 2 eBikes which are throttle only. This class of electric bikes are motor powered by a throttle. Basically the difference with class 2, or type two, is that you are not stuck pedaling if you don’t want to for the benefit of the motor helping your ride. Whenever you want power you crank up the throttle and zoom off. The downfall is that when you’re pedaling less, the battery will die faster. Like Type 1 eBikes, there is not an age restriction with this class. 

The final class is Type 3 which comes with a pedal assist feature. There’s no necessarily a throttle on this class. This class is by far the fastest and most eBike hit the speed limit of 28 MPH. This is still a street legal electric bike but doesn’t require any special license or anything like that, however you do need to be atleast 17 to ride one of these bad Larry’s. If you’re looking for more of a commuting type of eBike, this is what you would want.

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