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It's The Hottest Transportation on 2 Wheels, So Why Get an eBike?

They are way more than a passing trend eBikes are here to stay so the question is why get an eBike? Well, there are a few different reasons you may consider the purchase of an electric bike, and they are all valid reasons. The move toward less emissions and a greener planet, practicality, and health are huge reasons these items are soaring not just in their speed, but popularity. 


Politics aside, sometimes it makes sense for us to embrace going green when we can. Transportation is a massive issue world wide. All those gases eat away at the ozone. I'm not saying to limit cars, but when you have a device such as an electric bike it just makes sense! You're in a sense skipping the line and not waiting for other cars to move. You can weave around any streets flawlessly. No need to wake up ridiculously early to make it to work.

why get an ebike?

Regardless of if you are a city slicker or living out in the sticks, an eBike makes sense. An electric bicycle are compact enough to fit in the smallest of apartments, or can be stored in the garage. Aside from just size, they are far more affordable than a car! When into account the upkeep, tax and title, registering, the need for a license and insurance you're looking at tens of thousands in the beginning as well as hundreds to thousands a year. 

The last point is health. For one, you'll be moving way more if you are commuting to work using your eBike. This will lead to benefits in your heart health through cardio, and when you need a break it can take over your peddling. You will also be working muscles as you ride to work or even just for leisure. 

These are just a few solid reasons why you should get an eBike.  There are far more we will cover later on in this blog. 

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