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The Best Trails to eBike in Alaska

Alaska has to be one of the best states to ride an electric bike in the USA. It's a breath taking place, all around. I need to visit Alaska and ride an eBike, as well as go camping and hiking, before the Lord calls me home. The place is absolutely gorgeous! So where are the best places to ride your electric mountain bike in Alaska? Let's take a quick peak below!

 Crescent Creek Trail

The  Crescent Creek Trail ride is absolutely stunning. You can easily take a day and a half trip on this trail and catch some stunning nature views. That sounded awkward, but a trail as beautiful as this one is tough to put words to. The steepness alternates between easy, flat ground and short tougher/more technical terrain. The trail is about 12.4 miles long, so there's no need to worry about an extra battery, but extra time to catch the scenic views may be needed!

electric bike alaska

Lost Lake

lost lake electric mountain bike alaska

Want a trail more difficult to navigate on your electric mtb? Look no further than the technical challenges that Lost Lake in Chugach National Park has to offer! It starts off the bat with a downhill an uphill climb leads to a wider trail, full of roots, rocks, and other fun things to ride around. As you continue on you will drop off a little before climbing through a nice waterfall. You'll also roll past Resurrection Bay. If mountains and lakes are your thing, along with open fields and forest, you will want to consider biking through this 14.2 mile trail. 

April Bowl Trail

Instead of throwing an easy trail your way let's ride over to April Bow in the Hatcher Pass Management Area of Alaska. This trail is even tougher than our previous trail on the eery sounding Lost Lake. It's a busier trail than others, but this 11 mile trail is full of technical difficulties including the climb, which is 4,811 above see level! The views alone make it worth the difficult trek. 

hatcher pass best electric bike online difficult bike trail


Powerline Pass

The Powerline Pass bike trail is a cross between tough and easy. It's almost 13 and a half miles long of gorgeous scenery. It offers a nice and rocky ride not far from Anchorage, Alaska It also offers a nice downhill ride on the way back. One thing you really need to watch for on this path while riding your eBike is bears. There's tons of nature, including moose all over this trail. When crossing the pass, it gets far more technical. There are more rocks and it's noticeably steeper. This is where the pedal assist is nice on an electric bike!

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