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The Best Trails to Go Biking in Alabama

The last post was fun, the one about the toughest trails in the USA for an electric mountain bike - well any bike really, but electric mtbs are more fun! And it got me thinking that aside from Farlow Gap most of the trails and tough paths were in mountain country out west. That makes a tone of sense actually, but I digress. It led me to thinking, for some reason I'm typing this in a southern drawl, what's the absolute best place to ride an electric bike in each state? Speaking of a southern drawl, let's start off with Alabama! The trails below will be all encompassing including paved roads, dirt paths, and so on. Basically we are not limiting this to electric mountain bikes. 

1) Chief Ladiga Trail

The first trail is in the Southeastern part of the state. The Chief Ladiga trail is in Piedmont, Alabama. It's a 35 mile paved path that connects with  another famous trail, the Silver Comet Trail over in Georgia. This path is an old railroad corridor which is neat if you collected toy trains. Choo Choo! 

This is a gorgeous trail. There are plenty of flowering dogwoods, pine forests, open fields, wetlands with more wild flowers than you can shake a stick at. There is also plenty of wildlife along this trail, and toward the end has a gorgeous Appalachian mountain range backdrop. 

Want to up the antenna? Bring a spare electric bike battery. There's a campground as well as an old train station along the route that serves as a rest area on the trail.

2) Hughes S. Brandon Backcountry Trail

This one is surely on my bucket list, not so much for the length or difficulty but more the wild life. This one is located in the Orange Beach/Gilford Shores area.  Along this 15 mile trail, there are over a hundred variety of birds, deer galore, bobcat, ALLIGATORS (how cool would that be, to see an alligator from a 50 foot distance?). That's just the beginning. There's tranquil freshwater lakes, swamps, and in general gorgeous wetlands. OH, and wild boar are seen somewhat frequently. 

This 15 mile trail is a gorgeous view for any nature lover. There are also plenty of options to travel as there are 7 different trailheads. Want a short loop? Go ride one, if you want a long one they have those too. To top it off, this trail had amenities. We are talking a bike repair shop, no joke, and a butterfly garden. Restrooms and the Outpost campsite are also nearby. 

3) Yoholo Micco: The Creek Indian Trail

For me this is a shorter trail located in Eufala, but travelers love it. History buffs can also appreciate this one. Another turn off for me is the fact it goes through a residential area for a bit. However, the rest is pretty interesting. The Creek Indians were driven off their land here during the Trail of Tears, and the trail ends at a former Native American village, now a city park.

The covered bridge is pretty neat. Bird watchers can catch a glimpse of an osprey or bald eagle flying around also.

4) TVA Nature Loop

I'm not going to lie, the name alone intrigued me as I'm a nature buff. 17 miles of different trails was an added benefit. One of which is a 2 mile in and out trail that will bring you to Pickwick Lake, Wilson Dam, AND an upclose view of a trailside waterfall. The views all over are spectacular. 

There are other trails in Alabama, but as I'm planning my vacations these are the ones I would pick personally. You can ride these trails on any type of electric bike. Want to use a Rambo electric mountain bikes? Go for it. Want to bust out your Qualisports Beluga and fold it up afterward at a campsite? You can do that. These trails work for any type of electric bike. 

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