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What Are The Toughest Trails For Electric Mountain Bikes the USA?

Let's start by clearing out some jargon cyclists use, electric mtb literally means electric mountain bike (cue aha moment). With that technical jargon out of the way, let's look into the toughest technical trails in the USA. These are the trails that will separate the road cyclers, which there is nothing wrong with, with true mountain bikers. We got this list by asking other cycle shop owners, a bit of research to gain a consensus, and most I'mportantly our customers!

What makes them a technical or tough trail for fat tire electric mountain bikes?

Great question, although we could jokingly say it has nothing to do with engineering, we would be lying. There are many aspects that will make any mountain bike trail technical. How wide the trail is, how steep a trail is, drops and cut outs, are a few. Man made enhancements like a ramp also count in making a trail technical and tough. If you were wondering about root systems and rocks also you got it! All of these aspects can make a trail technically tough and treacherous, yet full of adrenaline inducing pure electric mtb excitement. Let's check them out!

Farlow Gap in the Pigsah Forest, NC - Not an electric bike trail for the faint of heart

Tucked away in the Laurel Mountains/Pilot Cove area is an exciting trail to run your electric mtb though. Farlow Gap seems like the name fits. Some individual Ned Farlow probably realized a Gap that grew rapidly between the ground and the earth a while ago. That part may not be true, what is true however is the decent (or ride depending which way you're going). Over the course of 3 miles you will have a root filled rocky ride that drops off 2,000 feet! Daniel Ridge was a close second and is equally as difficult to maneuver. 

Becareful if you bring your eBike to the Utah mountain trails - Portal Trail in Moab, Utah

We have some nice eBikes built for toughness. True daredevils will always push the limits. However, Portal Trail could literally end up being that, a portal to the after life. 3 bikers have actually died. There is also a sign telling you to get off your bike, or eBike, as you're about to come up on a 200 foot cliff. It's part of the ever challenging Mag 7 trail system. Tons of rocks and tons of vertigo can be found on this trail. The caveat? The views are incredible 

If the road isn't icy you may see me riding my electric mountain bike on the Kancamagus in Lincoln New Hampshire.

Before I visited Vermont, New Hampshire was my happy place. I remember the first time I visited the mountains there, my ex took me to the Kancamagus. It has, I believe, the highest elevation outside of Mt. Washington. I have hit a few of the trails off the road, but there is nothing like riding the highway itself. It can be steep in spots and you will be going faster than a Cheetah in no time. The views are breathtaking, literally at some points if you aren't careful.

electric bike mountain bike

Dakota Ridge Trail in Denver Co will test the fattest of fat tires.

It's a popular trail right outside of Denver, but just because it's accessible to the masses doesn't mean it's easy! Steep climbs and exposure all over this trail will test you. Just like a TV commercial "but there's more!" The jutting and overly chunky rocks add to the difficulty on this trail. 


Buffalo Creek trail system has exhilarating and difficult connector trails for your ebike adventures. Pine, Colorado.

Here we are again, in the gorgeous state of Colorado. Well I'm in Massachusetts, I digress. Blackjack and Raspberry Ridge are here, and Blackjack Ridge is particularly difficult to maneuver. It's also know as the "slot machine" as that's how the rocks on it appear. 20 foot rock waterfall that's equally as steep. This one is on my bucket list. 

You may have Moore Fun on this trail in Fruita Colorado.

The trail is in the heading. The trail is literally called Moore Fun and is packed with technical natural trickeries to keep your attention. Rocks, lots of rocks, are poured onto this trail along with plenty of exposure to keep your ride interesting. 

Want to ride a real-life Hangover in Sedona Arizona?

Best electric bike 2021

Do not ride your electric mountain bike with a "Hangover" This trail features tons, literally considering their mass, of technical attributes. Many areas force riders to the edge, again literally, as rocks are overhanging seemingly everywhere. Rocks and boulders make navigating a fun challenge. The exposure and canyon below add to the dangerous excitement. 

Porcupine Rim in Moab, Utah will having you watching for the natural quills!

Many think this is THE most technical trail in the entire United States to attempt a hair raising mountain eBike ride. Maybe because it's the most popular trail on the list. There are lots of rocks to avoid crashing your fat tire into and very steep, and yes even more, rocky decents.

Porcupine Rim mountain bike dangerous trail

That's all we have for now, there were lots of other contenders! Where do YOU think is the most technical (again, read toughest) trail out there? Share your story below and send us some pictures to go with it and we may make you internet famous by sharing it with your permission.  

Before we bid adieu, we have to plug a gorgeous eBike that can handle these trails with ease. Actually, just check out the reviews! It's also the September Electric Bike of the Month

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