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Want a Free eBike?

We are always trying to do the next big thing here at Get Moving Electric Bikes. Customer service? Check. Top AVAILABLE eBikes on the market? Check. Lowest price eBikes you can find (open that link in a new window to read about our Ride Away Price Guarantee)? Another check. So what are we going to be doing now? Well we are going to literally give each new eBike away! Keep reading to find out the whole deal about this and how even if you aren’t the 100th customer you will still win! 

You can call us crazy, but we really aren’t crazy. We think electronic bikes are super cool and we are passionate about them. Also we pride ourselves in not only providing top notch customer service, but we want to provide a customer experience you won’t forget. Sure we want your business, but most importantly we want to spread happiness.

Every One Wins!

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So here is where it gets good. You’re buying your new eBike from us and then get an email that your eBike is on the way. Imagine finding out that you are getting a full refund! You find out you won. You’ll have two choices on what can happen. You either choose the refund, OR you can have the EXACT same electric bike you purchased donated to a cause. 

If you aren’t the 100th customer, we will be giving away prizes every 20 new sales regardless. It could be an even better discount, it could be merchandise, it could be an accessory for the electric bike you purchased! And if you don’t win a “big” prize we are still going to give you 2% off your next purchase from us. At the end of the day, you are paying the absolute lowest price regardless so you win to begin with!

“Legal” Stuff

We can’t promise you that you will be our 100th customer, and there is no entry needed. This isn’t a raffle, you’re buying the best electronic bike on the market for us because we won’t be beat anyway. If you choose to donate the same product that helped you win it will probably be donated somewhere in Massachusetts or Rhode Island. The donation could be for a non-profit to use as a grand raffle prize or donated to a shelter. We are serious about providing smiles and enjoyment of life through eBikes! This is literally just a huge thank you from us! As always if you have any questions, email us.

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