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Welcome to Get Moving Electric Bikes!

Welcome to the first blog post at Get Moving Electric Bikes I'm not sure if you checked out our information regarding our company so allow me to introduce us. My name is Jay and I'm the owner. I love the outdoors and think electric bikes are the coolest invention we have seen lately! 


The biggest rhyme and reason we went into selling electric bikes is literally my interest in them. I've always been a health nut of sorts. I had 20 different health blogs at one point. I was also a sought after personal trainer as well as having owned a fitness center. It was time for me to be a dad, which is the best job ever, and I gave up the gym and trained for a few years. 


Regardless, I'm back and, well, you're here so hi! I love connecting with our customers and readers. We have tons of random discounts and love giving back to our communities through sponsorships and even donating items to be raffled. Make sure to contact us and ask! Unlike other companies we are here for a reason, to make the world a better place, one bike, one smile, and one adventure at a time. We will respond! Grab a bike from us and be spotlighted on your new wheels. That's all for now, we'll cycle back soon on the next post.

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