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What Type of eBike Should I get?

What type of electric bike someone should look into is probably one of the most common questions we receive! It's understandable too, you're able to ask an expert instead of standing in an aisle at a big box store. It makes sense too, you're making an investment regardless of the reason you want an eBike. And that is the exact rebuttal, for a lack of words, I offer. What exactly do you want an eBike for? That will start making all the difference in the world and can help you narrow it down to get your perfect eBike.

A cargo electric bike is just that, it's meant for carrying cargo. If the wheels will grip the sand well enough it doesn't have to be just boxes, but you can bring a cooler and other luggage down to the beach. If a bike has a big enough basket or allows to tow a trailer you could do the same such as with many of our Rambo eBikes

Would I buy a cargo eBike to go camping? Most likely not, however I would go with more of a mountain ebike with a fatter tire. These are made for literally that, the wooded outdoors. Many eBikes you can add extras to, like a basket or a trailer that you can remove later on. 

Say you just want to get around the city, I'd say get a cruiser. If you're not going on a long trek and don't have a ton of mountains to contend with than there's no reason a 350w motor cruiser electric bike won't do the trick. On the same token if you don't have much storage you would want to look at a folding eBike which performs the same way as other eBikes but again, is able to fold and fit into compact spaces.

As you can see there are a myriad of questions that can go into this. Take a look based on my recommendations or feel free to ask a question! Until next time I'll catch you down the road!

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