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QuietKat Warrior
QuietKat Warrior
QuietKat Warrior
QuietKat Warrior
QuietKat Warrior

QuietKat Warrior

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    The Warrior features the power and large torque advantage of a mid-drive motor with our budget-friendly performance component package. An integrated rack and compatibility with most QuietKat accessories make the Warrior an excellent choice to explore the outdoors and the perfect bike for hunting and fishing in rolling hills to rough back roads.

    • Engineered for the outdoors: Built tough to tackle moderately steep terrain and haul large loads up backcountry trails or dirt roads without a struggle.
    • Top-quality motor: The Warrior's powerful mid-drive motor utilizes the full range of gears for maximum torque for climbing steep mountains without compromise. 
    • Flexible classification: Available as a 1000W unclassified eBike for maximum power or in 750W for Class 1 and Class 2 compliance.
    • Improved suspension: Tackle the unknown in confidence with 120 millimeters of bump-smoothing travel on the adjustable coil-suspension fork. 
    • Advanced brakes: Outfitted with Tektro Mechanical Disc brakes so you can navigate moderately steep descents with confidence.
    • All-Terrain fat tires: Fitted with high-quality 26" x 4.5" tires to tackle tough terrain from soft sand and snow to hardpack trails and rocks.
    • Rider flexibility: Multiple sizes available, from medium 17-inch or large 19-inch frames to accommodate a variety of rider heights.
    • 8 Speeds: Built with a wide SRAM 8-speed drivetrain that takes the abuse of the large amounts of power the Warrior produces and allows you to adjust your gears for steep ascents and descents. 


    Motor:750W | 1000W (Mid-Drive)

    Battery: 12.8AH/48V | 614Wh | 10 lbs

    Range: 19-38 Miles*

    Display: Customizable LED

    Modes: 5 Levels of Eco-Assist, 5 Levels of Sport-Assist, Throttle, Walk Assist Mode

    Gears: SRAM 8-Speed

    Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc

    Suspension: Adjustable Coil Suspension Fork

    Tires: 26” x 4.5” All-Terrain

    Weight: 70 lbs

    Load Capacity: 325 lbs

    Color: Poseidon Dry Camo | Sandstone

    Sizes: M | L 

    Speed:Unrestricted (1000w) | 20 mph (750w)

    Class:1 | 2 | Unclassified