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Electric Bike Motors | An Intro Into eBike Motors

Electric Bikes have been evolving since they first hit the market many rides ago. The technology surrounding the motor is one of the fastest changing aspects of an eBike. So what type of motor should you make sure your eBike is equipped with? Just like with eBike classes there are different types of motors! So which one do you go with?

There are two types of eBike motors, the rear hub drive motor and the mid drive, also known as a center drive motor. Although they are different, a few qualities they’ve grown to share are reliability and energy efficiency. Just like a pedal assist or throttle, they do different things. Let’s take a quick look at each.

There are two type of rear hub drive motors. The direct drive and geared hub. A direct drive motor is best used for flatter commutes, climbing less steep hills, exercise, and transportation. Like the direct drive motors, geared hub motors cover the same ground, however can help with heavier loads as well as steeper hills. The motor even pedals quite efficiently if the battery dies!

The Mid Drive type of motor, or center drive motor is the second type we mentioned above. These are the most efficient type of motor for a longer range cycle. The motors are a lighter weight than their rear hub drive or direct drive counter parts. They can also handle better while biking and commuting. The downfall is that they are almost always more expensive, and it’s not really close! 

It is not necessarily a “you get what you pay for” with the motors though. Again, they are far more reliable and energy efficient than they were. Plus the eBikes sold here are high quality without breaking your bank! Take a look around at our eBikes, the quality speaks for itself and regardless of what motor the eBike you pick has we are sure you will enjoy it!

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